Australian Saffron


Welcome to WindView Farm Saffron

We are a farm in the low hills outside Bungendore NSW where we have been growing and processing saffron for some years. We grow the crocus sativus corms in raised, north facing beds in a secure area close to our house.

We harvest the flowers each April as they are in the process of opening to eliminate any reduction in the vitality of the stigma. The deep red stigma is then removed from the flower and dried to produce a quality product.

In the processing of the crocus flower, drying and packaging of the saffron stigma we endeavour to maintain the three prongs of the stigma which means there will be a small amount of (coloured) connecting pistil. This may not always be the case of course as the dried stigma can be fragile, but the quality of the resultant threads is not compromised
We hope you enjoy our quality Australian grown product.

Our Story

In 2008 we were looking for a change from our 24/7 service/contracting business and our interest in gardening promoted a challenge to grow saffron, little did we know what we were letting ourselves in for.


We bought our farm in 2009, planted our first lot of saffron corms in January 2010 and harvested our first flowers in April of that year. Saffron is a very labour intensive, hands on product to plant, harvest and process.


Every April we are grounded to the farm. However we enjoy the challenge and are proud to produce the quality product we offer.

Buy Australian grown saffron direct from the grower!


Our standard packaging is 100mg airtight glass vial. We can also offer 1gram and 2gram airtight glass containers.

As with all quality saffron, it needs to be infused in the cooking liquid (water, milk, clear liquor or other, preferably not too fatty) for several hours or overnight to obtain the full value of the colour, flavour and aroma. Timing in the addition of the infused saffron to a recipe is an individual decision.

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